Cardiovascular Imaging Research Core Lab

Dr. G.B. John Mancini


Dr. Mancini has been a dedicated clinician scientist in the field of cardiovascular imaging for three decades. As founder and director of the Cardiovascular Imaging Research Core Laboratory - CIRCL, Dr. Mancini has overseen CIRCL through numerous multi-centre clinical trials providing quantitative image analysis for thousands of patients. The most notable of these clinical trials being ISCHEMIA, COURAGE and OAT.

Dr. Mancini continues to be at the forefront of the latest medical imaging technologies. He holds Level 3 Certification in cardiac Computed Tomography and is a Diplomate of the Certification Board in Cardiac Computed Tomography. He was one of a small group of practitioners of cardiac computed tomography to have helped to author the first Canadian guidelines for the use of this new technology in clinical practice.

Dr. Mancini is a highly sought-after speaker and is regarded as a leading expert in the use of cardiovascular imaging and novel diagnostic tools to assess vascular health.

Watch Dr. Mancini's interview from the Heart + Lung Health FEST 2012: Novel tools for identifying those at risk for vascular disease.


Dr. Jonathon Leipsic


Dr. Leipsic is the Chairman of the Department of Radiology for Providence Health Care, Vancouver Coastal Health and the Vice Chairman of Research for the UBC Department of Radiology. He is a Professor of Radiology and Cardiology with the University of British Columbia. In addition to co-directing the Cardiovascular Imaging Research Core Laboratory, he is also the co-director of Advanced Cardiac Imaging at the Providence Heart and Lung Institute. He speaks internationally on a number of cardiopulmonary imaging topics with over 150 invited lectures.

Areas of special interest and accomplishments:

Cardiac Imaging - Coronary CT angiography and Cardiac MRI

Holder of a Canada Research Chair in Advanced Cardiopulmonary Imaging.

Member of the Education and Programs Committee for the Society of Thoracic Radiology

Member of the Programs Committee for the Society of Cardiovascular CT

Member of the Writing Group for the National Guidelines and Scientific Statement on Cardiac CT for the Canadian Association of Radiologists and the Canadian Cardiovascular Society

Investigator and Associate Member of the James Hogg iCAPTURE Cardiopulmonary Research Center

Author of over 540 peer reviewed manuscripts in press or in print, over 300 scientific abstracts, and editor of 2 textbooks.